Leafos is the second child of Jardinero, who stated to have been the best gardener of pinata island. She first appeared in the viva pinata prequel early when the garden was in ruin by Professor Pester (Previously known as Lester before the Dragonache Expedition) She Gives you the Journal, Shovel and the Watering Can. In the sequel, each time you level up, instead of telling you about your gardening, she lets you know what shops are open, what services have stocked up and how many seeds seedos has.


Leafos has three siblings, 1 sister and 2 brothers. Storkos, Stardos (Now Dastardos) and Sidos (Now Seedos) One of her long lost brothers she mentions was lured out by Pester and turned into a Witch Doctor. Leafos's mother died in a ship crash while attempting to find the dragonache with Jardinero.


"I think bart has a soft spot for fannie. I might tell her what she thinks hee hee hee!"

" I saw a Syrupent with two heads and petula says she seen one with four heads she just has to go on better!"

"My brother seedos told me that shellybeans love seeds, but then he thinks that everything should love seeds."

"Have you tried feeding a baby pinata with milk? Babies like milk, dont they?

"Press down on the D pad to open your alerts"

"Everyone knows a moozipan can make milk. Willy says why dont you make some of your own? All you need is a cow and his help!"