Dastardos, originally called Stardos, was born on Piñata Island and was the first child of expert gardener Jardiniero, and his wife. As his mother worked at sea, trading piñatas, Stardos was primarily brought up by his father who, when Stardos was age two, started teaching him how to care for his garden of piñata on the island. Jardiniero also hired a helper for the garden known as Lester (who later became known as Professor Pester) while he was teaching Stardos, however Lester was frequently failing at tasks and trying to take shortcuts in the garden, so Jardiniero had him fired and Stardos took his place. In an effort to exact revenge on Jardiniero, Lester gave him a map to an island where he claimed a Dragonache egg could be found (this was a lie). While he was away Jardiniero left Stardos and his sister Leafos in charge of the island. While he was taking care of the garden Lester lured Stardos off, telling him that he had crated a new type of candy that was more effective at attracting piñatas and that he wanted Stardos to try it. The candy Lester offered was the sour candy and eating it corrupted Stardos, turning him into Dastardos. Upon Jardiniero's return to the island he noticed Dastardos hanging around the garden but doesn't seem to have realised that Dastardos is Stardos.